Western Michigan Philosophy Graduate Program

As promised, click on the following materials in the desired format:

[Note: As requested, please keep this internal & in-house–i.e, for WMU graduate students only until I feel happier with the material.]
Material From Beginning of the Year:
  • Presentation [pdf]
  • “Overview of Graduate Program in the Philosophy Department” [.docx] [pdf]
  • Department Policy’s Website:


  • Supplemental Materials
    • Handout A: Checklist [.docx] [pdf]
    • Handout B: Conference List [.docx] [pdf]
    • Handout C: CV [.docx] [pdf]
    • Handout D: Statement of Purpose [.docx] [pdf]
    • Handout E: Reference Letters Template [.docx] [pdf]
    • Sample Syllabus: [pdf]
Material for March 1st Meeting:
I need to check in with you to see how you are preforming in our program. Look at the above link for the “Department Policy’s Website” and please fill out the two required forms and have me sign them before March 1st:
  • Graduate Student Permanent Program Master’s Level [pdf, write & print]
  • WMU Department of Philosophy Concentration Requirement’s Satisfaction Form [pdf]

The older edition of this site was a link to here: https://sites.google.com/site/dandolson/wmu