Tools & Resources

Papers by Famous Philosophers:

Ones I Maintain

Richard G. Swinburne (papers[near completion]

Richard L. Cartwright(papers)[near completion]

Robert Adams (papers) [forthcoming]

Maintained By Others

Alvin Plantinga (papers) (by Andrew Bailey)

Peter van Inwagen (papers) (by Andrew Bailey)

David Lewis (papers) (by Andrew Bailey)

Alonzo Church’s The Journal of Symbolic Logic Reviews (papers) (by John MacFarlane)

LaTeX (Pronounced “lah-tek”)

It is a big list of files and you write in an editor to compile the document. (Website)

Getting LaTeX (Widows, Mac, and Linux)

LaTeX Editors (list here)

Bibliography Editors: JabRef (link), BibDesk (link)[my choice]

LaTeX Apps (Google Crome): TeX Equation, [Use this to provide either a link, jpeg, or other files for either linking or embedding in various documents (e.g., Microsoft Word or Email).]


MacLatexianTexpad [Note: Both cost $, which is frowned upon by the LaTeX community. But, I only paid for one when I started my dissertation. Now, I’m hooked.)


My Stuff:

Document Template (here) (requires my own preamble)

Handout Template (here)

Bibliography (link [as of Feb. 2015]) (Note: I recommend BibDesk.)

Bibliography Style: With a simple change in code, you can have MLAChicagoHarvardOxfordIEEENatureScience, etc.. (Often people create their own, like mine. Feel free to change or use. Ted Sider has some for those submitting to a few journals.)

Beamer Template: (here) [Note: Beamer is LaTeX’s answer to PowerPoint.]

Symbols List: (as of 2009)