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C. Daniel “Dan” Dolson

Ph.D Philosophy

UC Santa Barbara

Visiting Assistant Professor

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Richard Swinburne 

Richard Cartwright

After spending five years as Visiting Assistant Professor and the Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Philosophy at Western Michigan University, I am currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Mississippi State University in the Department of Philosophy and Religion. I recieved my PhD from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) in 2015 where I worked under the supervision of C. Anthony (Tony) Anderson after earning an MA from Ohio University (2006) and a BA from Taylor University (2004). I attended Memorial high school in Madison, WI. 

I specialize in Metaphysics and the technical side of Philosophy of Religion. My interest also over lap significantly with the Philosophy of ScienceLanguage, (Philosophical and the Philosophy of) Logic, Modern Philosophy (esp. Hume and Leibniz), Medieval Philosophy (esp. Aquinas) the History of Analytic Philosophy, and Ethics. Since my research involves applications of probabilistic tools to Philosophy of Religion, I’ve got an increasing interest in Formal Epistemology.

I’ve taught over 70 college-level classes at several schools, including:

I consider teaching my vocation and was pleased to have the honor of winning two teaching awards and being nominated for a third.